Kanye West – PABLO Global Popup Boutiques

Kanya West - PABLO Global Popup
Kanye West – PABLO Global Popup Boutiques 

Kanye West announced last night through a tweet an unprecedented 21-city worldwide PABLO retail event to take place this weekend, Friday, August 19th through Sunday, August 21st. The temporary stores continue Kanye’s partnership with Universal Music Group’s Bravado – the industry leader in merchandise and branding services for recording artists and brands.

West will bring the PABLO experience to fans all over the world. The first ever simultaneous, worldwide pop-up event will span thirteen cities in the U.S., three in Europe, and more in Australia and Asia.

To execute his vision, Kanye continues his partnership with Bravado. With a global infrastructure including offices in over 40 cities, Bravado is the only partner poised to quickly develop and execute a worldwide retail and merchandising strategy of this scale. 

In the continental U.S., the PABLO pop-up events will take place in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Portland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.  Around the world, selected cities include Toronto, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, and Cape Town.  

Each temporary store will not only carry a broad line of Kanye’s PABLO merch available only in stores – but will also include limited edition designs, exclusive to that city.  

Precise store hours and locations for the PABLO temporary stores have so far been revealed for Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Capetown, Amsterdam and London – and the remaining cities will be announced in the day ahead at http://www.kanyewest.com/temporarystores/.  

Posted hours will be uniform in every city, regardless of time zones, so that the 3 day event will take place at the same time globally.

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