Wolffepack – Introduces Cool Conceptual Backpack

OK it may come as a surprise but even I from time to time like cool geeky tech products and accessories and although I’m not the typical backpack user, a radical new concept in backpack design is set to revolutionize the way backpacks are worn.

The new wolffepack® backpack provides a simple solution to an everyday problem that users encounter – how to get to your backpack without the hassle of unstrapping and taking the whole pack off.

The wolffepack® backpack lets you swing the pack from its normal position on your back swiftly round to your front in one simple and secure action and then back again without moving the shoulder straps.

This ingenious invention is the brainchild of British inventor and engineer, David Wolffe, who quit his corporate career as a Finance Director to develop the wolffepack® backpack. The company has working prototypes, pre-production samples and manufacturing partners in place, with the first production run scheduled for January 2015.

“For years I’ve watched people take their backpacks off time and again to get something out, to move it out of the way on a crowded train or because they’re worried about security, said creator David Wolffe. I knew there had to be a better way. With the help of an extraordinary team we’ve perfected the design of the wolffepack® backpack. Now everyone can be part of the backpack revolution through Kickstarter.”

The wolffepack® backpack contains a patent-pending orbital trapeze technology called the expetoSYSTEM®. This has been combined with a sleek aesthetic backpack design to accommodate all the devices and gear you need to carry.

The brand has just launched a Kickstarter campaign – rstl.es/10lUw7s – wolffepack® to raise £30,000 or $48,000 to fund the first production run.

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