Alek Wek Joins H&M Conscious Foundation + WaterAid

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Alek Wek
Alek Wek

Alek Wek, renowned fashion model, H&M Conscious Foundation Ambassador and Global Citizen Festival co-host, announced on Saturday a new partnership between the H&M Conscious Foundation and WaterAid to bring safe water and toilets to a quarter million students in some of the world’s poorest countries by 2017.

Wek was joined on stage by H&M Conscious Foundation Global Manager, Helena Thybell to present the foundation’s flagship program with WaterAid, the world’s largest international nonprofit specifically dedicated to transforming lives through safe water, toilets and hygiene education.

“When kids have the benefit of safe water and toilets at school, they are healthier, happier and better educated,” commented WaterAid America CEO Sarina Prabasi. “We are incredibly proud to team up with the H&M Conscious Foundation to make a life-long difference for 250,000 of the world’s poorest students.”

In addition to providing critical water, sanitation and hygiene services to schools in need, the three-year program will bring together decision-makers at national and international levels to ensure that water, toilets and hygiene practices like hand-washing are integrated into long-term education policies.

“Clean water is so basic yet so important to life. That is why I am so passionate about what the H&M Conscious Foundation’s program on clean water aims to achieve,” commented Wek. “I personally know the importance of clean water growing up in South Sudan. We were fortunate enough to have a small pump within walking distance, but when war broke out in the Sudan my mother would boil water for me and my siblings so we would not get sick from the contaminated water.”

“We were delighted that both WaterAid and H&M Conscious Foundation were able to join us at this year’s Global Citizen Festival to challenge the ‘poo taboo,'” commented Global Poverty Project CEO and Festival founder, Hugh Evans. “The incredible work of these two organizations will improve sanitation for 250,000 students in some of the poorest countries.”

To learn more about H&M Conscious Foundation’s partnership with WaterAid, visit:


  1. I think H&M has done a phenomenal job recently in becoming a leader in the fashion world for sustainability. They were the number one user of organic cotton in 2013, just launched their Conscious Denim line and now have announced their new partnership with WaterAid. I’m continually amazed at their dedication and creativity towards improving basic human rights in the world’s poorest country. I think Alek Wek is the perfect ambassador for their new partnership as she represents a catalyst for change. I can’t to see what progress she and H&M make. I hope their leadership will ignite awareness and inspire other brands to take action for human rights around the world.

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