Blondes Don’t Have More Fun

Super Model Kristen McMenamy, Calvin Klein Fall '10

90’s Super Model Kristen McMenamy best know for her chameleonsque presence is sporting a new gray do. At 45 the supermodel who stopped coloring her hair six years ago, proves there’s life beyond the genie in the bottle. McMenamy most recently seen on the runway for Calvin Klein, and Viktor & Rolf’s Fall ’10 shows, proudly displaying her gray tresses is currently on the August ’10 ‘Vogue Italia’ ‘survivor’ cover ‘Water & Oil’ shot by Steven Meisel reflecting the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Personally I think she looks amazing. What do you think?

Super Model Kristen McMenamy Viktor&Rolf Fall '10

One comment

  1. She was never my fav model back in the day but I gotta say with the grey hair she looks smokin’! She’ll be the next Carmen del Oriface!

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