TOPSHOP Archive Collection – #BringThatBack


Have you ever purchased an item and months later wished you had bought 2 because you’ve fallen so in love with it and dread the day when it might become to tattered to wear? Well if that item is from TOPSHOP then you might be in luck as the retailer announces the launch of TOPSHOP Archive, a collection of 33 limited-edition pieces reissued from a vast archive of irreverently cool British style.

The collection is inspired by original designs that first established TOPSHOP’s far- reaching and continuing hold on British fashion.

TOPSHOP Archive signals the first stage of a growing collection uniquely intended to encourage TOPSHOP customers to get interactive.

Shoppers will be able to contribute to future Archive collections with a social campaign, #BringThatBack, encouraging shoppers to post images across social media of their most-loved past TOPSHOP pieces for the chance to see them return to store in the new collection.

The collection is poised to change the way the customer engages with vintage fashion, with an authentic collection of pieces that will stand the test of time.

The TOPSHOP Archive collection will range in price from $40 to $370 and will be available in the UK July 9th and in the US on July 16th in store and online at

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