Joe’s Sexy & Sleek Masterpiece

Joe’s, premium denim brand releases its sexy and sleek Spring/Summer 2013 ad campaign and video short, “The Masterpiece. As a continuation of the brand’s Fall 2012 campaign and video, “The Heist,” the story in print and picture follows a band of brazen biker bandits featuring models Marcela Vivan and Sydney Romper as they make their getaways from targeted art museums in the brands latest silhouettes with stolen masterpieces in hand.

“The Masterpiece” features the expanded Joe’s Vintage Reserve 1971collection, and a shift from sleek and skinny silhouettes to a sultry series of relaxed, easier fitting bodies, vintage-inspired metallic structured blazers, and leather vests. The collection is available at Joe’s Retail Boutiques,, department stores and fine retailers worldwide.

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