BoF #TiedTogether Campaign

screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-12-25-54-amAs fashion weeks get underway around the globe, Business of Fashion invites the fashion industry and its admires to stand together and make a statement of solidarity, unity and inclusiveness, as part of its new #tiedtogether campaign by wearing or accessorizing with a white bandana in a statement of support of humanity during these times of turmoil and fear in many nations around the world. Business of Fashion has introduced the #tiedtogether campaign as a way to start a global movement within the fashion industry to demonstrate the power of unity and inclusivity, and encourage fashion enthusiasts and people outside the industry to join. So how does it work?


  • Tie a white bandana around your wrist, neck, head or handbag
  • Upload an image of your bandana to social media
  • Tag someone to show you are #TiedTogether, as friends, family, neighbors and humans
  • Register your support on the #tiedtogether website


  • Designers:incorporate white bandanas in your fashion shows or wear a white bandana in your final bow
  • Models:wear white bandanas to castings and between shows
  • Street style photographers:shoot people wearing white bandanas
  • Editors:include images of white bandanas in your round-ups and fashion week coverage

For more on how you can join go to #tiedtogether website or email


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