Gucci’s New Retro T-Shirts & Hoodies

Gucci – Retro Logo T-Shirt

Gucci, by far is the hottest brand in the fashion sphere today, thanks to brilliances of creative director Alessandro Michele, who just under two years has thrust the legendary fashion house into a visual whimsy of colors and textures, that have captured the eye of millennial’s and fashionista’s alike but just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler, Michele has gone into the Gucci archives and re-released a new series of hoodies and a t-shirts with an 80’s retro Gucci logo.

Made from 100% cotton the logo has been distressed to add a vintage feel but sadly these retro pieces will cost you current market price dollars as the t-shirt will retail for $420 and the hoodies for $1200 and $3300 and can be purchased in store and online at

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