Karl Lagerfeld – Kustomize Sneakers

Karl Lagerfeld – Kustomize Sneaker

Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to put his design footprint in the trendy world of sneaker, as the master of what consumers want, has just announced a line of Karl Kustomize sneaker. Although he’s partial to snug suede boots, Lagerfeld, was very much hands on selecting all the elements for his latest project.

Available on his Web site starting Thursday, the Karl Kustomize option will offer 10 variables to personalize, including shoelaces, linings, trims, hardware and logos. The core offer for uppers includes suede, patent or metallic leathers and exotic skins, with prices ranging from 325 euros to 3,500 euros, or $360 to $3,875 at current exchange rates.

The sneaker take about six weeks to customize and can be shipped worldwide or picked up at flagship stores in Paris, London or Munich.

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