Kicking It – Novesta Style

Novesta Sneakers 

In another life, I was a professional dancer and for a dancer one of the most important things next to technique is footwear. So when I got my first pair of Novesta sneakers I thought what the hell. Let’s give’em the old dance twirl, and found not only were they comfortable but I loved the way they worked with my personal style.

So who is Novesta? The brands history dates back to 1939, when shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a factory in the small town of Partizánske in the middle of Slovakia.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 10.45.51 AM
Novesta Sneakers

Now Novesta, one of the most popular sneaker brands throughout Europe is available in the US. Novesta’s design refers to more than fashion as the brand is dedicated to manufacturing shoes according to the highest environmental standards, by using materials such as natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen allowing Novesta to produce ecological footwear of the highest quality.

Novesta’s trademark tire design rubber soles are machine-pressed onto the body of the shoe and finished by precise manual skilled craftsmen.

Styles currently available in the US in unisex Euro sizes 35 – 46 are the: Star Master (low top) $89 and Star Dribble (high top) $99 and are available at: and

My photos by: Andrew Macpherson

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