Olivier Rousteing Intro Balmain Kids

Balmain Kids

The Balmaination is about to grow a wee bit smaller as creative director Olivier Rousteing announces his first ever collection for the little ones called Balmain Kids. Fresh off last years very successful H&M collaboration comes a collection, of luxury wear with the same design aesthetic for the kiddie’s as the houses signature lines.

The 55 pieces collection, has personally been designed by Rousteing opposed to being licensed out like most designer kids labels, reports Vogue.com

Balmain Kids

“I think I first thought about designing kidswear when I dressed North,” he said from his studio in Paris. “I had a conversation with Kim, and that was the beginning of how I really understood that the Balmain universe can also belong to kids.”

Balmain Kids

“When you see the Balmain children’s pieces, you can see the references that are actually part of the Balmain women’s and men’s wardrobes,” Rousteing noted. “It’s easy for me to build the Balmain identity pretty coherently because I’m the same designer for men and women—and not so many houses have the same designer for both.”

The collection however does not come cheap as retail prices start around $210 to $5900 US. The Balmain Kids collection will be available in store and online this June. www.balmain.com

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