House of Cards Wardrobe Coming to

House of Cards
Claire – House of Cards a cool new startup site that sells wardrobe looks from some of the most fashionable characters on TV, will be adding the complete Season 3 wardrobe from Netflix’s House of Cards to their online site starting at midnight PST on February 27th following the new series premiere.

“We’re excited for the release because we’re fans of the show first and foremost,” says brand-marketing director Ruben Trustfull. “The community on is as excited to see what Frank and Claire are wearing as much as they are to binge watch this coming weekend, and we want to give them something they can’t find anywhere else.”

In addition, LookLive also features wardrobe looks from top TV shows – Scandal, Modern Family, New Girl, How To Get Away With Murder, Empire as well as top celebrity fashion looks.

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