Zac Posen Designs Limited Edition Ecco Domani Bottle

Zac Posen for Ecco Domani
Zac Posen for Ecco Domani

Ecco Domani® Wines has announced that fashion designer Zac Posen will dress the Ecco Domani® Pinot Grigio bottle in an exclusive, limited-edition design for summer 2015.

“I’ve dressed many people in my life, but never a bottle of wine. This is such an exciting project because it weaves together my work as a fashion designer and my passion for food, cooking and entertaining. The design will reflect the bright, floral qualities of the wine, giving any table a stylish, refreshing look,” Posen said.

“We wanted to create an easy way to add a touch of style to any occasion this summer, and partnering with Zac Posen for a one-of-a-kind design is the perfect way to highlight our classic Pinot Grigio,” said Courtney O’Brien, Director of Marketing, Ecco Domani. “Zac is bringing the modern sophistication and glamour he’s known for on the runway to everyday occasions.”

Ecco Domani which translates to “Here’s tomorrow” in Italian, will introduce the Posen limited edition design in the Italian import section of stores nationwide starting in May with a suggested retail price of $

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