Swarovski Shine New Wearable Tech Collection

Swarovski Shine Vio Set
Swarovski Shine Vio Set

Swarovski is set to unveil SWAROVSKI SHINE, the new collection that combines style with function to create a fashionable activity and sleep tracking device and a variety of coordinating jewelry. Swarovski has joined forces with Misfit, a California-based technology company, to design a distinctive line of wearable tech products.

“Observing the high tech market, we felt the opportunity to inject an aesthetic added-value that would turn useful products into on-trend accessories. Working with Misfit was a fantastic experience which ensured us the uncompromised quality we as a brand are committed to,” said Joan Ng, Senior Vice President APAC product marketing, responsible for the project.

At first glance, the pieces appear to simply be modern and contemporary jewelry. However the large faceted crystal, which is the centerpiece of the entire collection, is a faceted crystal stone embedded with expert tracking technology from Misfit. The technology is designed to measures steps; calories burned; distance and even sleep quality; and synchronizes wirelessly with an app on the wearer’s smartphone. With a simple tap, the Swarovski Shine activity tracker lights up to indicate not only the time, but also the status of activity accomplished for the day.

SWAROVSKI SHINE Activity Tracking Jewelry is available as a set, or as single products. Sets include the Swarovski Shine; a bracelet, watch band or pendant; and a sleek sport band featuring a 50m waterproof resistance, ideal for athletic activities and also to monitor sleep. The coordinating watch bands, bracelets and pendants are also available as single products that not only can hold the Swarovski Shine, but are also fully compatible with the Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitor.

The SWAROVSKI SHINE collection is currently available for pre-orders exclusively in the USA and will be available at select Swarovski boutiques in China, Hong-Kong and USA in late March. www.swarovski.com

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