LUMAS VOGUE Collection – Presents Masterpieces of Fashion Photography

Cross © Erwin Blumenfeld, VOGUE Archive Collection,
Cross © Erwin Blumenfeld, VOGUE Archive Collection

If you’re a collector or fan of the great masters of fashion photography, Horst P. Horst, Erwin Blumenfeld and George Hoyningen-Huene, then you’re in luck as LUMAS introduces masterpieces from the archives of American VOGUE with the LUMAS VOGUE Collection.

Currently available, LUMAS has released more than 30 works by the most distinguished photographers of all time – available for the first time as limited edition images.

The iconic, Horst P. Horst’s black-and-white prints, such as The Mainbocher Corset, have been unavailable on the art market and only available as vintage prints selling for more than five-figure.

The Mainbocher Corset © Horst P. Horst, VOGUE Archive Collection,
The Mainbocher Corset © Horst P. Horst, VOGUE Archive Collection

Prints of Horst, color photos are even more difficult to find. It was only when the original transparencies were rediscovered a few years ago that Horst’s talent as a colorist was revealed. The LUMAS VOGUE Collection contains limited-edition prints of these rare color photographs.

In addition to the pieces from the VOGUE Collection, works from the Condé Nast Archive can now be found in the LUMAS Portfolio, including photographs by Edward Steichen, André Kertész, and Arthur Elgort, created for other renowned magazines such as Vanity Fair and Glamour.

Starting in 1909, publisher Condé Montrose Nast began assembling the photographic avant-garde of the early 20th century for American VOGUE magazine’s elaborate photo shoots. In the twenties and thirties, VOGUE established fashion photography as a distinct art form. Now these great moments from the history of fashion photography are united in the LUMAS VOGUE Collection. The images from the collection are available via the attached catalog link and online.

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