Alvin Valley Launches eTailoring

Alvin Valley
Alvin Valley

New York fashion designer Alvin Valley, has announced the launch of eTailoring™, a newly minted online service which provides clients the option of having tailoring done in the comfort of their homes or offices.

“I am dedicated to positioning Alvin Valley at the forefront of fashion technology, and leading it into highly integrated online/offline interactions with its customers,” said Alvin Valley CEO/CTO Damion Hankejh. “Delivering the convenience of a much needed and first of its kind service, such as personalized tailoring, uniquely positions us to remain engaged with customers, leading to more opportunities for cross-selling to a captive audience during the service experience.”

The eTailoring™ service was exclusively launched through Alvin Valley Direct. It is currently available in Manhattan, with later launch dates set for Los Angeles and across the country.

Clients may book their desired eTailoring™ time via, and all services will be done by certified tailors, who also will guarantee alterations.

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