TUMI Introduces New CFX Set Of Travel Bags

TUMI CFX Collection
TUMI CFX Collection

Have you ever meticulously packed your luggage for travel keeping in mind that if you exceed the said weight limit at the airport, you’ll be hit with an additional baggage fee only to find that when your bag is weighted you’re surprising over the limit? Well it’s happened to me and it’s typically because we don’t take into consideration the weight of the bag before it’s packed…sigh.

Well TUMI has the answer to this problem as the brand introduces the new CFX set of travel accessories, merging world-class craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation.

Distinguished by an exclusive, American-made fabric, TUMI has transformed a traditionally hard-side carbon fiber material into a collection of high-performance soft travel bags and accessories.

Constructed from, CX6™, an exclusive, flexible soft carbon fiber, CFX is symbolic of TUMI’s heritage of design excellence, pushing the boundaries of technical innovation.

“The TUMI consumer is a fan of the brand because of our commitment to innovation, part of which is finding new materials that offer a true performance advantage and lets us design products that offer superior functionality and quality. Carbitex has co-created this exclusive, innovative CX6™carbon fiber fabric that is equally revolutionary as it is sleek and cool. The CFX collection will offer beautifully made bags from one of the strongest and most coveted materials available today,” said Alan Krantzler, Chief Merchandising Officer of TUMI.

CFX will be available in 11 styles across wheeled travel, soft travel and day bags including the Silverstone International Carry-On, Adelaide Soft Duffel and Indianapolis Slim Brief. The CFX collection will be available at select TUMI stores worldwide beginning October 9th and on www.tumi.com.

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