Adidas x Marina Abramović Collab or World Cup Performance Short

Adidas has teamed with legendary performance artist Marina Abramović, on an original short celebrating the brand’s partnership with the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The three-minute short shot in black and white revisits the first ever re-staging of Abramović iconic piece “Work Relation.” First staged in 1978 in the Netherlands with her then partner Ulay. The performance piece focuses on teamwork, togetherness and unity.

The 11 individuals cloaked in modified white lab coats and Adidas’ Samba futball trainers, first introduced in 1950, focuses on 3 different social groups preforming the same task of transporting stones from one-side of an empty court (similar to a playing field) to the other as Abramović referees.

The short, which is the first time Adidas has collaborated with Abramović demonstrates the comparisons between the original work and its relationship to sports teamsmanship, as see in futball.

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