Soxfords – Outstanding Without Standing Out

Sockfords  - Pic-Nicked $20
Soxfords – Pic-Nicked $20

For the guy or dad who you thought had everything comes Soxfords, a collection of colorfully themed designed sock that embrace the notion of being “outstanding without standing out,” while the fabric covering your feet adds a little spring in your step.

Sockfords - Just Ducky $20
Soxfords – Just Ducky $20

The brainchild of Ryan Kent, who found himself unimpressed with the boring selection of men’s socks, Soxfords bridges the gap between novelty and classic dress while being a bit tongue-in-cheek.

Soxfords - Seigaiha $25
Soxfords – Seigaiha $25

Made from ethically sourced Pima cotton blend, Soxfords are responsibly manufactured. The brand recently partnered with a family-run hosiery mill based in Columbia with the technical expertise that enables Soxfords to produce a phenomenal quality and fit.

Sockfords - Golden Arches $25
Soxfords – Golden Arches $25

In celebration of the brands first anniversary, Soxfords has launched a “Sock Insurance” program. Every six months, socks that are purchased on are eligible for “insurance claims” whereby customers can receive 50% off the same pair.

Soxfords - Flights of Fancy $20
Soxfords – Flights of Fancy $20

Soxfords also believes in giving back. Through their partnership with 1% For Humanity®, Soxfords is committed to giving at least 1% of their gross income to fight extreme poverty and injustice.

Soxfords - An Ignoble End $25
Soxfords – An Ignoble End $25

Soxfords range in price starting at $15 – $25 per pair, with combo packs also available. Themed gift boxes are available and are priced starting at $35 – $95.

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