Le Boxair – Scented Underwear For Men

Just when I thought I’d seen and heard of everything comes Le Boxair from PSR, a line of scented underwear, exclusively for men.

Designed by a French Perfumer the Le Boxair line comes with scented microcapsules inside the container that refresh the garment each time they are placed back inside the original case. The scent is designed to last within the fabric of the garment up to 5 washes.

The scented briefs can also double as cologne by simply rubbing the garment over the body.

The Le Boxair line of underwear from PSR, come in three styles: Urbain Briefs $60, Preppy Long Boxers $65 and the Sport Link Boxers $65. Le Boxair is exclusively available at UnderCover MensWear www.shop.undercovermenswear.com

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