John Byron Bespoke Shirts – Your Own Custom Style

Robb - Digital Marketing
Robb – Digital Marketing

When I was introduced to the John Byron collection my first thought was I must blog. But then I wondered, how could I show the great tailoring and fit of a John Byron shirt, with just an image? Then it hit me, what if I selected one bespoke John Byron shirt and gave it to six different friends and removed myself as stylist, allowing them to wear it as it fit their own personal lifestyle.

Christian - Fashion Entrepreneur
Christian – Fashion Entrepreneur

But who is John Byron? Chicago, based entrepreneur John Frazier launched John Byron for discerning men who wanted something more than just another shirt. The John Byron collection sold exclusively online consists of men’s bespoke and custom shirts ranging in styles from formal wear to casual tartans.

John Byron offers the ability to design four billion unique shirts, with a variety of features ranging from unique collars and cuffs to specialized quotations and horizontal stripes.

Lee - Fashion Director
Lee – Fashion Director

“We believe that clothing should be as unique as the individual. The imposition of mass-produced goods isn’t satisfying to discerning consumers. However, proposing customizable shirts that allow the consumer to express their own individuality is the pinnacle of luxury,” say Frazier.

Rather than start with a swatch of fabric like other custom sites, John Byron provides you with an actual shirt, designed by John Byron, that you can then customize or purchase as shown.

Urbano - Fashion Designer
Urbano – Fashion Designer

From Egyptian cotton dress shirts to Italian denim sport shirts, each shirt has a unique set of custom design options selected by John Byron to ensure you get the perfect fit. John Bryon also offers design advice at every step of the shirt construction process.

John Byron offers three sizing methods: standard sizes, neck and sleeve and custom. Neck and sleeve requires measuring the neck and sleeve length and selecting a desired body fit while custom sizing requires taking seven measurements then selecting a fit.

Karim - Hair Stylist
Karim – Hair Stylist

All shirts are made in the USA and the John Byron design house supports fair wages and education. John Byron donates 10% of profits to Teach for America. Prices range from  $110 – $475.

James - Speciality Brand Manager
James – Speciality Brand Manager

A big thank you to my six very stylish friends, wearing – John Bryon, Tartan Shrewsberry Brush Twill Shirt in Purple – Retail $140.


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