Hammer Nails – A Shop For Guys

Hammer Nail Shop
Hammer Nails

At the recent menswear fall 2014 shows the continued trend towards dandyism and bespoke tailoring was evident. Men have finally learned that it’s not only acceptable to be well dressed, but are now turning their attention to grooming and Michael Elliot the owner of the new Hammer Nail Shop in Los Angeles, is embracing the trend with a shop that specializes in hand and foot care for men in the comfort of the ultimate man cave.

Complete with king-sized leather chairs, personal flat-screens with headphones, premium sports channels and complimentary beverage bar, Hammer Nails provides a variety of services tailored to men that include everything from shoulder massage to nail buffing.

Hammer Nails
Hammer Nails

“When I was sitting in a nail salon filled with women along with one other guy it occurred to me wouldn’t it be great to have a salon where guys could go and get nail care and not feel out of place,” said Michael Elliot, owner of Hammer Nails.  “So I did a Google search and realized that there wasn’t a nail salon for men out there so I thought if I could create a place where all men even the guy that had never had a manicure pedicure before could go and feel comfortable this could be huge so the idea for Hammer Nails was born.”

Some of the signature, services that you’ll experience at Hammer Nails include: Hand Maintenance and Repair MANicures, Foot Maintenance and Foot Repair Pedicures. Package services are also available.

Hammer Nails
Hammer Nails

Hammer Nails is located at: 8257 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046 www.hammerandnails-salon.com


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