20Jeans.com – Great Jeans Great Price

Like most bloggers I get my share of daily blog submissions. Few, catch my eye but one recently got my attention. It was from 20Jeans.com I felt compelled to learn more about this great site for guys that offers really cool denim at an affordable price. So I asked and they answered.

20Jeans - Polychrom Skinny Jeans in Full Maroon $30
20Jeans – Polychrom Skinny Jeans in Full Maroon $30

Tod Hallman: So what is 20Jeans.com and what is the concept behind the brand?

20Jeans.com: 20Jeans is every guy’s new resource for good style. We provide men with designer quality denim at direct to consumer prices as well as edgy wardrobe essentials, like tees, button downs, shorts, hoodies, outerwear, and accessories.

TH: The name 20Jeans is interesting. Does it stand for anything?

20Jeans: It does! There are 20 parts to your classic pair of jeans: The denim fabric, the button, the zipper, five pockets, six rivets and six belt loops.

TH: The brands tagline is “Denim Meet Darwinism”. How would you say that applies to 20Jeans?

20Jeans: We’re here to disrupt the denim industry with a new paradigm: A direct to consumer brand that provides maximum quality and value. In layman’s terms, it’s meticulously made, high quality denim at a minimum cost – $25. You won’t find any other online retailer dabbling in this terrain.

20Jeans - Spring St Mobility Skinny in Roughneck Blue $25
20Jeans – Spring St Mobility Skinny in Roughneck Blue $25

TH: Is 20Jeans only a denim site?

20Jeans: Our bread and butter is denim, but due to society’s totalitarian mandate that we “wear clothes,” we figured we might as well go full boar and stock other top-notch wardrobe essentials. We’ve got everything: Uber soft Henley’s and V-necks, casual button downs, manly flannels, jackets, hoodies, sweaters and outerwear for all sensibilities, and essential accessories – ties, watches, sunglasses – the little things that make bold statements.

TH: So you carry a wide variety of menswear items all reasonably priced at $20 – $40. How does 20Jeans offer such great pricing?

20Jeans: We’re wizards. Just kidding, but we do work with some. The 20Jeans family includes some guru suppliers, mad scientist manufacturers, and badass merchandisers. Essentially, we cut out the middleman, and therefore, the markup.

TH: Does 20Jeans only carry its own brand or can I find other labels when shopping the site?

20Jeans: For now it’s a little mixture of both. We design our own stuff, but we’re still a new company whose game is to keep prices down, so we also source apparel directly from designers. Eventually all our apparel will be 20Jeans private label.

20Jeans - True Grit Slim Straight Jeans in Killer Tan $30
20Jeans – True Grit Slim Straight Jeans in Killer Tan $30

TH: Are there any plans to offer men’s footwear in the future?

20Jeans: Not right now, but you never know…we’re growing an empire.

TH: What about womenswear. Are there currently any plans to expand into womens?

20Jeans: Absolutely – we love women! But in all seriousness, yes. Women are always ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion and looking for the next big thing, which is us. In fact, women do purchase items from us already.

20Jeans - Vantage Point Disbelief Slim-Straight Jeans in Black Out $25
20Jeans – Vantage Point Disbelief Slim-Straight Jeans in Black Out $25

TH: Can we expect to see freestanding 20Jeans retail locations anytime soon?

20Jeans: Yes, actually. We’re currently moving our office to Beverly Hills and we’re going to have a showroom/retail space below it.

TH: Is 20Jeans only available in the US or do you ship internationally as well?

20Jeans: Epic style is an international language. We ship to 21 countries in North America, Western European, and Asia/Oceana. You can find more information on that here: www.20jeans.com

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