“Five Minutes With” Nicole Feix of Lilogi

Matthew Williamson - Nomad Stripe $350
Matthew Williamson – Nomad Stripe $350

My new blog series Five Minutes With” gives you a quick glimpse into a brand or into a day with a designer. In the first of this blog series I chat with Nicole Feix owner and curator of the online scarf boutique Lilogi. Scarves, they’re just not for the cold.

Tod Hallman: What prompted you to start Lilogi?

Nicole Feix: As a lifelong scarf wearer (and scarf lover), I recognized a void online for a shop dedicated exclusively to the scarf as a fashion and lifestyle accessory.  Scarves have the power to entirely change a look and yet in retail, they are rarely given the focus that they deserve. There is something very romantic and personal about a scarf.  It’s also an item that is collectable and timeless— it’s relevant year-round and will never go out of style. A scarf is the perfect commodity to sell online because it doesn’t need to be fitted and it can be styled in a variety of ways.

Hallman: The name Lilogi is very unique. What does it mean?

Feix: I came up with the name, albeit accidentally at the time, by combining the first two letters of the words ‘Live’, ‘Love’, and ‘Give’. These three words are very significant to me personally, but they also resonate globally.

Hallman: When most people traditionally think of scarves they think of them as fall/winter accessories. Would you say that’s still true or have scarves become a year round accessory?

Feix: I’m happy you asked that question! I don’t see it that way at all, but yes generally speaking most people consider the scarf a fall/winter accessory. I think it comes down to whether you choose to wear scarves for their function (warmth) or their unique ability to convey a mood. In Europe, scarves are worn just as much during spring/summer as they are during fall/winter.  I have the same mentality as the Europeans, and I think that for summertime, at night or in air-conditioned environments, a lightweight scarf is essential. For those who travel, scarves are all the more valuable…

Matthew Williamson - Songbird DNA $350
Matthew Williamson – Songbird DNA $350

Hallman: How many different collections, or brands do you currently sell?

Feix: Lilogi recently launched its first season representing 25 different brands. The assortment is a mix of contemporary collections, premium quality basic styles, designer brands, and other, more niche scarf labels that are established internationally, but do not yet have a strong presence in North America.

Hallman: Are most of the scarves that you currently sell more traditional in design and length or do you carry a variety of shapes and sizes?

Feix: We carry a wide variety of shapes and sizes! Large squares and rectangles are dominant currently, but I definitely make a point to offer a range of styles.  I try to not have too much of the same thing as I’d like to appeal to different taste levels within reason.

Hallman: Are we starting to see more brands and designers add scarves to their accessory collections?

Feix: Absolutely! Not only are designers adding scarves to their collections, in many cases, the scarf is becoming its own category.

Athena Procopiou - The Legend of the Dandelion $275
Athena Procopiou – The Legend of the Dandelion $275

Hallman: Are most of your customer’s women or do you find that men are starting to embrace wearing scarves as accessories?

Feix: Lilogi launched targeting women, but some of our assortment could be considered unisex

Hallman: Do you have plans to add additional products for men like pocket squares?

Feix: Category expansion is most certainly in Lilogi’s ‘bigger picture’ plan.  And as much as pocket squares are part of it, in the near future I look forward to introducing some other items that complement scarves. Expanding to scarf-related men’s accessories and building out Lilogi for men is a big part of my long-term vision for the business.

Hallman: What price range can I expect to find for scarves on the site?

Feix: Our opening price point for scarves is around $195 and we go up to $1,595 with the House of Waris scarves, which are incredibly special. Lilogi’s average price point is $300 – $350, which is reflective of the high quality of our assortment.

Athena Procopiou - Starry Moonrise $325.00
Athena Procopiou – Starry Moonrise $325.00

Hallman: Lilogi is presently an online retailer. Do you have plans to open any freestanding boutiques?

Feix: I don’t plan on opening freestanding Lilogi boutiques, but our pop-up shops and trunk shows are very important to me. The physical and personal connection between women and our scarves is something that I value greatly and so offline initiatives are always on my mind. www.lilogi.com

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