SQUID – Wash & Wear Travel Bags Just In Time For Summer Holiday

SQUID - Wash & Wear Travel Bags $15.99
SQUID – Wash & Wear Travel Bags $15.99

As the summer holiday travel season approaches, I find myself obsessing over the same travel issue. How to keep my clean garments separated from the soiled one’s while traveling? I mean unless you have a washer and dryer at your travel disposal you’re going to have to contend with worn or wet garments that you don’t want mixed with the rest of your wardrobe so what’s the solution?

Well checkout the new collection of Wash & Wear travel accessories from SQUID.

Wash & Wear Travel Bags – $15.99 – Are the perfect wardrobe packing solution for a quick weekend getaway to long extended travel stays. SQUID Wash & Wear bag stylishly keeps clothes organized and eliminates having to mix already worn undergarments and damp swimsuits with clean ones.

SQUID - Wash & Wear Travel Bags $15.99
SQUID – Wash & Wear Travel Bags $15.99

FEATURES: The ultimate clean//dirty travel bag, the see-through matte plastic material lets you easily see the contents of the travel bag, while keeping odors under control, and is easy to clean. Additionally, the design also allows you to fold the bag in half so it can fit in any luggage/backpack neatly.

DIMENSIONS: H: 9.5″ L: 18″ D: 2″ (each pocket is 9″ x 9.5″ x 2″)

SQUID Also offers travel bags for everything from cosmetic travel organizers to iPad travel cases. www.squidpacks.com

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