Uniqlo x Michael Bastian The New IT Polo

Uniqlo x Michael Bastian Polos $19.90
Uniqlo x Michael Bastian Polos $19.90

Each season as the latest trends hit we finds the most devoted of fashionista’s scrambling for the coveted IT item, which typically comes by way of the latest bag or shoe, that everyone girls dying to own. Well this season one of the most talked about items is for guys and come via the Uniqlo x Michael Bastian polo shirt collaboration.

The collection, which consists of 16 styles ranging in an array of stripes, prints and colors will be in true Michael Bastian style complete with slim tailored fit.

“I designed this project with myself in mind, like I design everything I do. I really personalize it and always ask myself ‘Would I wear that? Do I want that? Is this something I’ve been looking for for a while?’ It really is a personal process, but I’m a man designing menswear, so it’s as good a place to start as any.”

The collection which is affordably priced at $19.90 hits Uniqlo boutiques and online on May 20th. www.uniqlo.com

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