Beauty Culture Doc Debuts At – Tribeca Film Festival

Beauty Culture - Tooker Lips © 2011 Melvin Sokolsky

Last summer I blogged about Beauty Culture, at The Annenberg Space for Photography.

Beauty Culture - Anne Saint Marie © 1992 Tom Palumbo

The anchor of the exhibition was a 30-minute documentary by Lauren Greenfield, which gave an in-depth glimpse into the culture of beauty and the pressures and expectations that woman from all walks of life face on a daily basis.

Beauty Culture - Red Corset © 2001 Albert Watson New York 2001

Now this remarkable short will be viewed this season as an entry at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

Beauty Culture - Kristina Semenovskaia © 2005 Tyen

This is the first film festival at which content from the Annenberg Space for Photography will be screened. The 30-minute short film is part of the festival’s documentary program named Triptych, which focuses on art, music and physical beauty.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs April 18 – 29.

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