Bogosse – Luxury Men’s Shirts

(L) Patrick and (R) Fabrice Tardieu – Bogosse

Haitian-born brothers Patrick and Fabrice Tardieu founded Bogosse the luxury shirt brand that gets its name from the French word handsome, in 2004. Since their beginning the Bogosse brand has quickly become a leader in the world of men’s fashion by constantly reinventing the iconic dress shirt using traditional styles complemented by whimsical elements and tailored from the highest quality cottons, custom European jacquards, poplins, double-faced and printed wovens, to present the brands signature hand-finished style.

Bogosse Men’s Collection – Retail $150 to $250

For S/S the brand presents a collection filled with colorful patterns that create visual texture, through geometric prints, simplistic prints and paisley.

“We were inspired to create a collection full of colors and prints that truly emphasize a man’s personality,” says Fabrice Tardieu, Creative Director.  “Our goal is to create a product that projects luxury, elegance and provides extraordinary quality, craftsmanship and detail at a price point that creates an exceptional value,” Patrick Tardieu, Founder and CEO.

Bogosse Men’s Collection – Retail $150 to $250

The S/S collection is available in over 59 styles, and comes in sizes 1 through 8, priced between $150.00 – $250.00 and is available in the US at Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus, and locations throughout Europe, with a flagship store in Cannes, France as well as retailing in the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Bogosse label also includes: Bogosse Privé, Bogosse Femme and Bogosse Comme Papa.


  1. Hi guys, I want to know the name of that beautiful Bogosse shirt with floral v collar, I just can´t find it. (Could be Noho?)

    HELP ¡¡¡ :S

    • Hank thanks for reading my blog. Just to make sure your inquiring about the shirts in the first picture of the post. I’m working with Bogosse’s marketing office to get you the info. request. Are you in NY.

      Thanks let me know.

    • Hank,
      I’m sorry its taken me longer then expected to answer your question about Bogosse men’s shirts. It took the marketing team longer then hoped to get back to me and I have been traveling outside the country. Regrettably there isn’t a NY retail location as of yet. One is on the way so for now the only option is online at I also wanted to thank you for reading my blog and hope that you continue. I appreciate all comments and questions.

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