Decades Denim Launch at Saks Fifth Avenue

Decades Denim at Saks Fifth Avenue

Cameron Silver the purveyor of glamorous vintage Couture and owner of the Los Angeles boutique Decades, along with his business partner and muse Angelique Soave, bring their new Decades Denim Holiday collection to Saks Fifth Avenue.

Decades Denim Cameron Silver and Molly Sims at Saks Fifth Avenue

The premiere Holiday 2010 collection called Denim Trousseau is thematic, focused and sexy, offering eleven styles named after iconic 20th Century women.

Style range from a cropped cigarette shape (The Marilyn), to the extremely flattering curved-seam legging (The Martha), the tuxedo jean with satin trim pockets (The Marlene), and rounds out with the classic boot cut (Angie) and an all-American high waisted straight leg (The Cheryl).

Decades Denim at Saks Fifth Avenue

The collection designed to go from day to night adheres to classic colors: Deep blue, midnight black, and clean white. With luxury in mind, the Decades Denim collection focuses on even the smallest attention to detail – from a single silver “D” ring that hangs from the back belt loop to zippers and tack buttons, created from mixed metals, adding a unique brand identity.

Prices ranges from $99, to $129.

Decades Denim at Saks Fifth Avenue

Decades Denim available at Saks Fifth Avenue  or for more info.

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