Slane – The Perfect Accessory

Bracelets - Top to Bottom: Sterling Silver Hinged Feather Bangle, Hinged Ventus Cuff in 18Kt Gold & Sterling Silver w/ pave Diamonds, Sterling Silver Open Feather Bangle, on side Sterling Silver Feather Hook & Eye Ridged Bangle

If you’re a lover of beautiful sterling silver jewelry as much as I am than Slane is the perfect accessory to compliment your wardrobe. Bi-coastal sisters Heath and Landon Slane joined creative forces in 1995 with the desire to design a line of high end sterling silver jewelry. Their vision for the collection was then and remains today a varied mix of influences to include: architecture, nature and spiritual symbols.

Heath and Landon set out to offer women a collection of versatile jewelry to be worn with everything from sportswear to evening wear.

Their design studio was initially a round table of sorts where artists, thinkers, and seekers could come together to collaborate and share ideas. In addition, Heath and Landon Slane’s longstanding commitment to sustainability is expressed throughout their collection by the use of 100% recycled sterling silver and eighteen karat gold which is 80% recycled. All diamonds used in Slane jewelry are guaranteed conflict-free.

Sterling Silver Twin Link Small Smooth Hoops

Ninety-percent of Slane designs are hand cast, hand assembled and finished in America. Ten percent is presently made overseas where a specific manufacturing technique enhances the functionality of these select designs.

The latest design from Slane is the Twin Link collection. Introduced this year the Twin Link collection’s signature is the twisted silver link, symbolizing bond and unity. This organic, versatile motif has been incorporated into earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are all instantly identifiable as Slane, one of my favorite accessories lines.

Sterling Silver Twin Link Single Row Necklace with Mediium Toggle & Ring 40 inches

Slane jewelry is available at select Neiman Marcus stores or

Sterling Silver Twin Link Single Row Braclet with Medium Toggle & Ring 7.5 inches

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