Venus Williams – On Court Fashion

Venus Williams - US Open "New York Fireworks" Outfit

Are Venus Williams tennis outfits way to distracting for the game. Under her Eleven by Venus Williams line the tennis star has designed and been seen sporting most recently at the Australian, French and US Open, some very racy and risqué tennis outfits, many of which look a lot like lingerie.

Venus is no stranger however to the controversy about her wardrobe choices. The tennis great has always selected outfits, outside the norm of traditional tennis wear, opting for more fashion forward and trend setting styles. However of late, Venus has been pushing the boundaries becoming increasing a lot flashier, in what appears to be ill fitting attire.

Venus Williams - French Open "French Maids" Outfit

Venus has struggled on the court, not with her game, but with her wardrobe, tugging and pulling her way to victory as her fans ogle and cheer her every move. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about fashion and marketing, and think the idea of a Venus Williams tennis line, whether it’s tennis rackets, bags, or fashion, is the next and natural step in the tennis stars extraordinary and remarkable career. However I do find myself wondering if some of her competition choices are inappropriate and not respectful to the game of tennis. Venus has stated she carefully designs and selects each outfit to fit the tone of the city she plays in. Her US Open choice reminds her of fireworks stated Williams.

Venus Williams - Australian Open Outfit

Well, whatever her reasons for her fashion choices, one thing you can be sure of. That the very talented Ms. Williams will continuing to amaze us as she’s done for years, on the court with her game as well as with her fashion.

What do you think of Venus’ wardrobe?


  1. I think Venus is fierce! I was watching a game last week and it was freakin boring. Her outfit made the whole game more interesting I believe. I think it stopped me from changing the channel haha. At the same time I dont think a tennis court is a runway lol

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