Miriam Salat – Jewelry

Miriam Salat

In an economy that’s forced us to look at our spending habits, and maximize our dollar, we’re all looking for a smarter and more economic way to shop, and find deals on the items we love, but not comprise quality.

Twig - Black Resin Earrings with 18kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver and White CZ $395

Well, if you love fashion jewelry that makes a statement, then you’re in luck. Miriam Salat’s jewelry, made from sterling silver, 18kt gold vermeil over sterling silver, resin, and cubic zirconia, is the perfect collection that gives expression to the sensibilities of women who, like herself, understand style, but aren’t willing to comprise quality.

Greek Cuffs - Black/White/Red Resin with 18kt Gold Plated Sterling Silver and CZ $395 each

Affordable in price Miriam Salat’s jewelry is the perfect accessory versatile enough to take you from day to evening.  An avid traveler, and passionate rock climber, her cultural experiences influence her designs, use of color and trendsetting looks. Along with her own collection, Miriam is CO-designer of Bochic jewelry, a favorite of celebrities on the red carpet.

Layer Cake Ring - Ivory Resin Ring with Olive Top, Sterling Silver, and CZ $275

The Miriam Salat Fall 2010 collection is available at Neiman Marcus 800-365-7989 and online at http://www.neimanmarcus.com

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