3D Body Scanner

Do you ever find yourself frustrated while shopping, and trying on clothes wondering what determines the difference between a size 4 top, pant, or dress verse a size 6. Do you ask yourself why in some brands a size 8 fits, but in others you’re a size 10. Shopping for jeans can be the worst experience of all. No two brands of denim fit the same.   Usually when we find a pair of jeans that work we stick with them praying the manufacture doesn’t get creative, and change the fit of our favorite, whatever the number is we so proudly display on our backside. Shopping should be a fun pleasurable experience but to many times we find ourselves exhausted, and leaving empty handed, and if you happen to be on the plus size or big and tall end of the spectrum you can forget it. Well, good news. Help is on the way as professor Susan Ashdown and her team at Cornell University study the body, clothing design, and apparel fit, using a new technology of 3D Body Scanning, which will not only make the made-to-measure fit more accurate, but ready-to-wear as well. Even the fit forward business will benefit, from this new technology, and virtual Try-on through scanning, will make finding that perfectly fit garment, and catalog shopping a whole new experience. So how exactly does the 3D Body Scanner work. Take a look at the Cornell University study for more info. at http://www.bodyscan.human.cornell.edu/scene0037.html

3D Body Scan
Ready-to Wear

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